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Warmly welcome Mayor Zhang Huajing to visit our company for research

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In the afternoon of September 13, 2022, Zhang Huajing, mayor of Heshan City, accompanied by Ding Junchao, secretary of Hecheng Town Party Committee, went to Niuli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for in-depth research, focusing on the inspection of epidemic prevention and control and safety production work of enterprises, and helping enterprises solve practical difficulties in operation on the spot.图片1


 Chairman Lu Yinghao, General Manager Wu Jianning, accompanied Mayor Zhang and Secretary Ding of the town party committee went deep into the production line for investigation. During the investigation, Chairman Lu introduced the overall development process, management status and future development plan of Niuli to the city and town leaders in detail, and Mayor Zhang Huajing also gave some opinions and suggestions.



 In the production workshop, the city leaders had a detailed understanding of the production process and production process of the company's products. And praised the company's advanced automatic production equipment and safe and orderly production status.图片6图片7






After the successful completion of the investigation, the municipal leaders gave full affirmation to Niuli's safety production management and epidemic prevention and control work, and also made important instructions, stressing that the safety prevention and control should not be careless at the present time of the epidemic, further implementing the relevant epidemic prevention policies, and strengthening the safety training for employees, improving the safety production awareness of employees, establishing and improving the safety production responsibility system, and continuing the safety production. We also hope that while continuously improving production technology, our factory will strictly control product quality, continuously improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, and work diligently and vigorously to create world strength while promoting local economic development.



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