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The 2023 Niuli Machinery Strategy Seminar was successfully held

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 On February 11, 2023, the "2023 Strategy Seminar" of Niuli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was held at the Jiangmen Heshan Chamber of Commerce Center! Mr. Lu Yinghao, Chairman of the Heshan General Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Niuli Machinery Company, Mr. Wu Jianning, General Manager of Niuli Machinery, Mr. Zhang Zutao, General Manager of Niuyun Intelligent&Yunchu Intelligent Technology Company, and heads of eight subsidiaries of Niuli Machinery Company and some senior executives attended the seminar.



Chairman Lu Yinghao told the company's business situation in 2023, the development factors it will face in the future, and the significance of carrying out strategic planning, gave directions to the company's development direction, and expressed expectations and requirements for this seminar. Wu Jianning, General Manager, made a brief report on the overall planning and arrangement of the Group Company in 2023, and explained the direction of each subsidiary.


The training and guidance of the strategy seminar is provided by Niuyun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a consultant company that currently provides lean production guidance services for Niuli Machinery. The consultant team's teachers Lei Mengge and Feng Xiaodong provide assistance to each team during the theoretical study and hands-on operation of the seminar。



During the discussion and study, through case sharing, strategic tool application guidance and training, the teacher let everyone draw out their company's 2023 positioning, goals and action plans through their own minds and hands. During the two-day study, discussion and communication went through the whole process. In the warm learning atmosphere, ideas collided and sparks.


In the stage of strategic planning publication, the leaders of each company publish the planning results of the group. Chairman Lu, General Manager Wu and General Manager Zhang commented and scored the results of each company, and selected the first, second and third team of this strategy seminar.


The successful convening of this seminar marks the clear sailing of Niuli Machinery in 2023! I believe that under the leadership of Chairman Lu and General Manager Wu, with the concerted efforts of all Niuli members, and with the guidance and help of the consultants of Niuyun Intelligent Company, the operation goal of Niuli Machinery in 2023 will be achieved!


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