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Niuli Machinery Manufacturing Lean Management Project Settlement Meeting

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On November 2, 2022, Niuli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Niuli") and Guangdong Niuyun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Niuyun") entered the lean management project successfully. Mr. Lu Yinghao, the senior chairman of Niuli, Mr. Wu Jianning, the general manager, Mr. Wang Nandong, the general consultant, Mr. Xu Xubing, the general manager assistant, Mr. Tan Shilong, the head of Niuli's three sales segments, Mr. Gong Chao, the domestic department, Mr. Li Hong, the e-commerce department, Mr. Han Bin, the head of Niuli's four subsidiaries, Mr. Yu Haifeng, the lifting equipment, Mr. Zhou Weicai, the lifting platform truck, Mr. Li Kuilin, Mr. Zhang Zutao, general manager of Yunchu, Mr. Wen Changqing, Yunchu project teacher, Mr. Feng Xiaodong and Niuli management team attended the meeting.


Mr. Niu Li and Mr. Wu delivered a speech:

President Wu expounded the importance and urgency of lean management in the current competitive environment. By establishing a full overall value incentive scheme, we have the same goal, and we are encouraged to go all out to cooperate without gaps, create more value, share value, achieve a win-win atmosphere for enterprises, employees and partners, realize the appreciation of Niuli brand, and lay a solid foundation for the impact of Niuli Dream.


Yunchu&Niu Yunwen delivered a speech:

Thank Mr. Niu Li, Mr. Lu, Mr. Wu and Mr. Wang for their trust in Yunchu&Niuyun Intelligence. From this moment on, we are a family, fighting side by side with you around the common goals of both sides. Next, Mr. Wen shared with you the six goals of our project and the project organization structure, project operation, project goal incentive principles, and the transformation of lean thinking.



The six major objectives of the project are as follows:



President Yunchu&Niu Yunzhang delivered a speech:

Thanks to Mr. Lu, Mr. Wu and Mr. Wang of Niuli for their trust and support in Yunchu&Niuyun Intelligent. Mr. Zhang added that Yunchu and Niuli have jointly established Guangdong Niuyun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and we are a real family. President Zhang emphasized three points:

1. It is time for everything to be restored. The factory has completed the relocation. Now it is time to practice internal skills diligently, improve the whole process of R&D, design, quality, production, supply and marketing, and create a new image of Niuli, so that Niuli can be more powerful.

2. Work hard for a while and enjoy it for a lifetime. In the future, it will be very hard for you to accept new knowledge, new thinking and new methods. But I learned that I have strong ability, and I can transform my ability into value, and I will be used for a lifetime.

3. Highly cooperative, implement first and then improve. If there is any objection, implement it first, put forward consensus and then revise it, ensure the time of participating in the project, and achieve our expected goal as soon as possible.

Niu Li and Lu Dong delivered a speech:

Lu emphasized the following four points:

1. The value of lean, the necessity and correctness of lean, very support the promotion of lean management projects.

2. We have a high trust in Yunchu and hope that everyone can embrace the change and make Niuli lively.

3. Our value-sharing model is very innovative and fully motivated, so that we can take the company's business as our own, and make every effort to break through the bottleneck, achieve and exceed the expected goals.

4. Niuli and Yunchu have established Niuyun. We will work together to build Niuli and Niuyun Consulting.

Finally, Lu Dong is very firm and firmly believes that in a year, under the leadership of General Manager Yunchu&Niu Yunzhang, and with the joint efforts of everyone, we will definitely have a good growth.


Finally, the heads of all departments also expressed their determination, and fully supported and cooperated with the implementation and achievement of the project.


 Introduction to Niuli Company 


Niuli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the research, development, design, production and service of various logistics handling equipment such as forklift, tailboard, hydraulic lifting platform, sweeper, etc; 

It is a well-known brand enterprise among the best in the industry in China.

The company was founded in 2007

Address: Heshan Town, Jiangmen 

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first, keep improving", and is always committed to the development path of scientific and technological innovation. Relying on a strong scientific research and innovation team, the company strengthens the design concept of "safety, efficiency, durability, comfort, low carbon, and energy conservation", and takes "continuous excellence" as the core value of the brand, and continues to create scientific and technological products for the global logistics users.

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