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How to maintenance and repair of hydraulic lifts
Source: | Author: | Post by:2012-2-27 12:49:26

a hydraulic lift maintenance time requirements:

A routine maintenance (per class).

2 lifts work after 1500 hours on machinery, electrical systems for minor repairs.

3 lifts after 5000 hours, in the repair of machinery, electrical systems.

4 lifts work for 10,000 hours, mechanical, electrical systems for a major overhaul.

Second, hydraulic lift machinery and equipment care and maintenance:

Agencies brake should always check and adjust brake shoes and brake wheel clearance, to ensure flexible and reliable. Friction surface, there should be no dirt exists, in case of dirt must be washed off with gasoline or thinner.

Various parts of the gear box, gearbox, external gear, lubrication and hydraulic oil according to the lubrication requirements.

(3) pay attention to check whether the ministries rope off the wire and loose the mobile phone phenomenon. In excess of the relevant provisions of the new ones immediately. Maintenance of wire rope should be strictly in accordance with GB5144-85 requirements.

4 out regular checks of the connection of the ministries, if loose should be tighten. Body connecting bolts should check the tightness of the pressure in the body (rotating arm can be used to cause the state of compression), all the connections a little shaft must have a cotter pin, and the need to open fully. Flange ball valve

Regular checks of agencies is functioning properly, with or without noise, such as find fault, must be immediately removed.

Installation, removal and adjustment of the rotary mechanism to ensure that the centerline of the rotary mechanism reducer and gear centerline parallel, the mating surface is not less than 70%, the meshing clearance to fit.

Regular check all wires, cables or without injury. In a timely manner of dressing and replace the damaged part.

Encountered motor overheating parking, troubleshooting and then continue to run the motor bearing lubrication to be good.

Each part of the brush, the contact surface to keep clean, adjust the brush pressure, so that the contact area of ​​not less than 50%.

10 control box, distribution box to keep clean, and promptly clean up the dust on electrical equipment.

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