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Unity, action, win 2011
Source: | Author: | Post by:2011-1-18 9:15:26
                - Machinery cattle ended in 2011 New Year Party
  Blossom is a cycle of seasons, along with the warm winter sun, such as about 2011, had to.
   In such a breath of spring days, we gathered together. Villa in the beautiful rolls, beef Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. held a theme of "unity in action, win 2011" Qingyuan Dan party.
   Employees in the activities organized colorful performances. In a unity of action as the theme, for the full participation of the fun activities and games. Let us know in the game all closely united in a common team, our team was more powerful. Inspired by the joy and education, in the merry game understand a truth. Happy happy the game in a relaxed, tense, lively atmosphere has been decided and neither the victory of the team or out of the team, we have given them the most active warm applause.
   After the games, activities, employees were in the cis Villa collective barbecue, we personally do yourself to enjoy their delicious, everyone enjoyed it. Through this event, and make us feel: Unity is strength. Outlook 2011, we all cattle Machinery Company staff to continue to develop "building a harmonious cow power, first-class enterprise" goal. We believe: unity and harmony in the full force of the cattle family of companies, the new year, we will gain more happiness, more brilliant, more brilliant!

10 January 2011

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