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Standards of corporate human resources

  Any organization has its own core values and purpose of existence, people have come to serve this organization is to want to help organizations realize the power of personal values, but must realize the value of individuals in order to achieve the purpose of organizations is premised on individuals because organizations are aggregation platform which is the so-called "skin, what can the hair adhere."

  Organizations must come to clarity of purpose, the survival of all organizations in order to grow, continuing the management of people - respect for people, caring for people, to stimulate the enthusiasm of people to meet the needs of people, individuals and organizations should be set up between the interdependence and common development relationship.

Employing the standard can be divided into four categories: First, recognizing the company's core values, but also very score, the people all the way for promotion. Second, recognizing the company's core values, but the lack of capacity, you can cultivate or change jobs. Three, do not agree with the company's core values, has no score, it is necessary to leave the business. Four, great score, but do not agree with the company's core values, and only use, but will not tolerate the company's core values, shaken, or want to leave him.

Followers and workers: Followers: active duty finish are voluntary and there is a high degree of organizational commitment, and therefore be able to agree at high values of the circumstances the duty posts in excess of demand efforts. Workers: are passive and helpless in the work of the organization is not deep commitment.

University of Michigan American behavioral scientists put Danny's talents are divided into seven levels:

① First, such as a high degree of creativity and imagination, resourcefulness often come up with ways to solve the problem, the department be considered the most creative people;

② the second and so good at pioneering new ways to solve the problem, and can make a lot of good advice;

③ The third geometric average person has more new ideas, to think about some charges, and consider different ways to be resolved, there is occasionally put forward the recommendations of the imagination;

④ The fourth and so on to play other people's opinions, but he did most of his views are old and well known;

⑤ At the fifth and so engage in a new work to colleagues for advice often, and rely on other people's recommendations;

⑥ the sixth such as the first non-obvious, and very few new ideas and old methods of work used to.

⑦ seventh, etc. so what would be satisfied with doing the same old methods of work, not wish to do not want to amend a timely manner.


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