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Simplify the process of service delivery and expand the service channels

First, simplify the repair process, after-sales channel diversification
Dear customer, in order to allow you to enjoy high-quality, comprehensive after-sales service, you can select any of the following channels for equipment repair or technical advice.
E-mail: section of our website download center to download and fill in the "after-sales service repair list" and send to the service mailbox our professional after-sales staff will contact you within the shortest possible time.
Fax: you or directly to fill in "after-sales service repair a single fax to 0086-0750-8382148, we will send a professional after-sales staff to contact you within the shortest possible time.
Telephone: You can call our unified service hotline for advice or repair (Tel :4008-832-368); small problem or a user that can call to solve the urgent problems, in order to improve maintenance efficiency, we will do everything may be by telephone troubleshooting.
4.QQ: You can QQ online with our after-sale customer service, consulting, equipment repair and other related services. (QQ 2522858742)
(5) network maintenance: you or directly to your nearest cow power sale outlets to enjoy one-stop service. (Please refer to the regional after-sales outlets)

Second, the high-quality after-sales guarantee, allowing you to buy the rest assured, with the comfortable
An oxen all products in accordance with the national "three guarantees" regulations, belong to the scope of the "Three Guarantees" during the warranty period, users can enjoy the free service invoice or a valid certificate, the main components of the warranty period of one year; pursue life-long maintenance and repair.
2 in our official after-sales service network, the user can enjoy high standards of service outside the warranty period, implementation of paid services, fees unified performed in accordance with the company "after-sales service, the lowest charges.
(3) Whether you buy the cow power products, we are free to provide you with troubleshooting and testing services, and develop a maintenance program for the best, if you are in need of repair, the same can enjoy the "minimum fee paid after-sales service.
(4) Upon receipt of your notice of repair, we will contact you; site service, remote areas in the central city four hours booking service. (Guangdong Province),

Buy products, to send the program, you are a province of province
All users to buy our products, we can according to your needs, free of charge making the set of "best logistics solutions allows you to more cost savings while improving efficiency.


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